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Detoxamin Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is detoxamin?

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A: A Complete EDTA Chelation Therapy program that is medically equivalent to the IV method of EDTA chelation. Detoxamin utilizes an EDTA suppository that was developed by Dr. Bruce Halstead MD, it also includes a complete dietary supplement regimen for complete cardiovascular health.

Q: Is Detoxamin affordable?

A: YES! Detoxamin is 80% less than the IV EDTA chelation method. A single box of 30 suppositories of Detoxamin is medically equal to approximately 10 I.V. treatments.

Q: What makes detoxamin EDTA suppositories equal to IV chelation?

A: 1) Detoxamin EDTA Suppositories are taken at night, right before you retire for the evening. This allows LESS metabolic competition for the EDTA because the body is at rest while the EDTA is working.

2) Detoxamin introduces LESS dosage of EDTA, but it is done more frequently. This is just like taking vitamins, you take less more often. This fact provides better EDTA assimilation.

3) Almost all the blood from the rectum makes its way to the superior hemorrhoidal veins, a tributary of the portal system. The lower and middle hemorrhoidal veins BYPASS the liver and do not undergo first pass metabolism, therefore the EDTA in Detoxamin is not being filtered through the liver first, making the EDTA more productive in Detoxamin.

4) Detoxamin introduces EDTA directly into the systemic circulation and lymphatic system.

5) Detoxamin is also far safer than IV chelation because the EDTA in Detoxamin travels through the body MUCH SLOWER, not putting the same burden on the liver and kidney. Plus the dosage of 750 mg Calcium EDTA is very safe.

6) Each 3 Detoxamin suppositories are medically equal to 1 IV treatment.

Q: How do I take Detoxamin?

A: Detoxamin is a complete regimen. It is recommended to take Detoxamin for three or six months, prior to starting a monthly maintenance program.

Q: Does Detoxamin Chelate Mercury?

A: The Calcium EDTA in Detoxamin has an extra chemical bond compared to the older Disodium EDTA. This gives Detoxamin EDTA an affinity for MERCURY. Mercury is also excreted from the body through the feces, because Detoxamin utilizes the colon wall for EDTA assimilation, it is a powerful Mercury chelator, making it possible to eliminate DMPS in some patients !

Q: I have good supplements, and I am happy with them, may I buy Detoxamin EDTA Suppositories only?

A: Yes. Detoxamin is available to meet your specific needs, with a complete dietary supplement regimen and without, if you wish.

Q: Why Does Detoxamin with EDTA work so well?

A: Your body today averages 1000 times more lead in your bones than was present before the Industrial Age, while it gets less of the essential minerals such as zinc in our excessively refined foods. It has become clear to many health professionals today that maintaining optimal health requires routine chelating and detoxifying agents such as garlic and EDTA that will continuously pull the toxins like lead, mercury, and even pesticides, etc., out of the body. This way, we are not putting the essential nutrients like vitamin E, etc., into a polluted cesspool and expecting to get the full benefits of these miraculous nutrients.

Q: If Detoxamin with EDTA is so good at removing heavy metals, does it also deplete the body of essential minerals and other important substances?

A: No, amazingly it doesn't. In some instances, Detoxamin actually enhances the uptake of various trace minerals, while lowering the total body burden of lead. The World Health Organization and advisors to the National Academy of Science recommend that EDTA be added to the diet of children in poor countries to enhance mineral absorption, particularly of iron and zinc. EDTA is never broken down in your body. It goes in and comes out as EDTA. So it's hard for it to do a lot of mischief since the only thing it's known to do is to have this compelling influence like an extremely good-looking, eligible young bachelor.

All the attractive young ladies might sometime during the evening stop by to say hello. It's the same way with EDTA; every one of the metals (in the periodic chart) would say hello. But EDTA has a very strong list of preferences, which are called stability constants. It will be very inconstant with calcium, to which it says hello; you're there, goodbye. It says hello to magnesium; you're there, goodbye. It goes up to zinc and says hey, you're pretty interesting.

Then it goes up to lead and says, I think you're really interesting, we could spend the evening together. And when it gets up to mercury, it says can we spend the rest of our life together. So that's kind of how it goes. On the other hand, we know that EDTA is a nonspecific chelator, and if there is not an ample supply of minerals with a higher stability constant, then EDTA could potentially remove essential minerals. It would ultimately depend on the amount of heavy metals in the system, the pH of the system, etc. If there is not much lead or mercury in the system for instance, then EDTA could remove zinc, which is rapidly excreted in the urine.

Q: Do you still suggest taking replacement minerals when taking Detoxamin?

A: Yes, definitely! We recommend that you take the most advanced vitamin/mineral supplement, including zinc, which you can afford to protect your body from getting depleted.

Because of environmental toxicity and this high stress lifestyle of ours, it's almost impossible to rely on food for all the nutrition our bodies need to stay healthy and strong. We live on devitalized food from mineral deficient soils that are packaged in boxes, picked green and stored in refrigerated compartments. And research has shown that, due to a steady decline in the nutritional quality of our food, even an adequate diet might not enable us to maintain the vitamin and mineral balance required to avoid health problems. It's vital that we enhance our diets with a wide spectrum of supplemental vitamins and minerals that can make up for nutritional deficiencies.

Q: How does Detoxamin compare to intravenous chelation therapy?

A: Detoxamin is patented method of EDTA chelation and medically equivalent to the intravenous method. Detoxamin is an unique formulation of EDTA that is manufactured into suppository form. Each box of Detoxamin (15 suppositories) is equal to 5 IV treatments. Detoxamin allows absorption of EDTA through the colon wall, the EDTA absorption rate in Detoxamin is 90 to 95%.

There is no question that IV EDTA is useful, but we all live a busy life and we can't go to the doctor and have an IV every day. It's too inconvenient to see your doctor for three hours in his office, drive an hour to get to his office, day after day, lose a day of income and pay him $125 or whatever it costs, which is a significant amount of money.

Detoxamin is an effective, convenient and affordable way of EDTA chelation and will finally help people with the excessive body burden of heavy metals, that we are all excessively burdened with today. Take our mercury levels, for example. In a report published in Linear Practice of Alternative Medicine (Fall, 2001, issue 2: 181-187), Poul Molher, MSc. calculated that it's typical to have approximately 40 million atoms of mercury per every cell of the body after getting Amalgam fillings for several years.

When you know the facts on total toxic metals that we all carry around in us today, you realize that, whatever hope we have of really making a dent with 30 or 40 IV treatments or even 100 chelation's over a lifetime, it is still simply a case of too little help being given too late. Detoxamin was created to replace the IV method of chelation to allow you to continue chelation to receive the ultimate benefits without the hassles and expense, because it is virtually impossible and too expensive for most people to keep going to the doctor's office for IV chelation.

Q: What about Oral EDTA?

A: Oral EDTA tablets are so poorly absorbed that it can never be equal to the IV method or to Detoxamin. The stomach acids virtually destroy most of the oral EDTA whereby very little of the EDTA is actually absorbed into the bloodstream-only about 5%. This is why the promoters of oral EDTA require that you undergo IV EDTA chelation periodically so that the benefits are realized.

Oral EDTA is so poorly absorbed that you must take about 30 oral EDTA (500 mg) tablets to equal just one Detoxamin Suppository. It is clear to many in the health field today that we should all consider EDTA chelation therapy, Detoxamin was created so you can accomplish this without the inconvenience and hassles that makes IV chelation unreachable for most people.

Q: What is nitric oxide and how does it connect to EDTA chelation therapy?

A: EDTA has been shown to optimize nitric oxide production. This fact alone makes chelation therapy a benefit for virtually everyone. Nitric oxide (NO) protects the heart, stimulates the brain, kills bacteria, helps prevent blood clots that are the cause of most heart attacks and strokes, enhances oxygen delivery to tissues, and helps regulate blood pressure and blood flow to different organs. It is present in most living creatures and made by many different types of cells. It was a sensation when it was discovered that this simple, common air pollutant,-which is formed when nitrogen burns, for instance in automobile exhaust fumes-could exert so many important and life saving functions in our body.

Q: If nitric oxide is so important to cardiovascular health, why not take a daily dose of nitric oxide instead of EDTA?

A: The problem is that nitric oxide is so powerful that when we give it as a drug, there's a chance that, just like when we used to give you nitroglycerin to put under your tongue to dilate your arteries and stop your heart pain, you might get an explosive headache. So it's not innocuous to give you substances to get a nitroglycerin or nitric oxide-like effect. It turns out that it's wonderful if I can figure out a way to optimize your body's ability to make just its own ideal dose of nitric oxide, (which we believe Detoxamin helps you do, by detoxifying the cells that make NO). Because your body is not a fool and will not make too much, so there is no worry about over dosing you with EDTA induced NO.

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