Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Detoxamin in the Media

An EDTA chelation therapy medical breakthrough…"Detoxamin will revolutionize medicine." - Sherry Rogers M.D.
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For years EDTA chelation therapy has been instrumental in literally saving the lives of people across the globe. The results of this therapy have given patients a new lease on life. EDTA chelation therapy works by removing the toxic heavy metals from damaged hearts and heart valves as well as from hidden stores within blood vessels, kidneys, and more. You see, by removing the circulatory heavy metal toxins, EDTA enhances cardiovascular blood flow and function.

As highly recommended as this therapy has been in the past, the only effective way to receive the therapy has been intravenously. This requires sitting in a doctor's office while the EDTA is slowly introduced into your bloodstream, via IV, over a 3-4 hour period. The time, the expense, the invasiveness of the needle and the overall inconvenience has made this therapy out of reach to most people, until now.

Hi, my name is Dr. Rita Ellithorpe; we appreciate your interest in Detoxamin today. As a practicing medical doctor, I understand how demanding our busy schedules can be. My goal is that you find the information on this page direct and to the point, and that you receive accurate EDTA chelation therapy information. We promise to provide you with a clear understanding of exactly what EDTA chelation therapy is, and the preferred modality today, known as Detoxamin. You will also find out why I no longer use IV EDTA chelation therapy in my own clinic and why Detoxamin is given exclusively to my patients.

We are so confident that you will experience better health once you start using Detoxamin;

I understand how important this information is to you as I see patients every day with both chronic and acute health problems. From heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, chronic fatigue, cancer to prostate issues and so many more diseases prominent today, it is apparent that each have one thing in common. They are all linked to our increasing exposure to heavy metals in our environment.

In my clinic, Tustin Longevity Center (TLC), I have found heavy metals in the vast majority of my patients; this is without the patients even knowing that they are carriers of heavy metals in their bodies. This is why for years I have been administering IV EDTA chelation and am fully aware of the problems associated with it. For years I have been looking for a method of EDTA chelation that offered more affordability, more convenience and safety, without losing any effectiveness. I tried Oral EDTA and other methods, and none would compare with the results I experienced with IV EDTA chelation - until I started to use Detoxamin.

Clinically, my patient-population experiences demonstrate improved energy, mood and mental function as these oxidizing metals are reduced with Detoxamin. Detoxamin is the 21st century antioxidant key (along with a healthy lifestyle) needed to survive living in our toxic world.
As a medical authority on Detoxamin, I truly believe Detoxamin is one of the most significant means to improve patients' overall health that I've experienced in my 30 years of practice. And as of now, I have treated more than 600 patients with Detoxamin.

Why are you looking into chelation therapy? We find that the three most common reasons are:
Perhaps you are undergoing IV EDTA Chelation and you are looking for an easier and safer method of EDTA Chelation, without losing the effectiveness of IV therapy?
Perhaps you have heard about EDTA Chelation Therapy from your doctor, friend, relative or neighbor because of your ongoing health problems and that EDTA chelation was recommended?
Or perhaps you have learned about EDTA Chelation Therapy from your own research on the internet and are looking for more information?
Whatever your reason is for visiting us today, we hope we give you what you are looking for.

Detoxamin is an over-the counter, patented EDTA chelation suppository that is medically equal to the IV EDTA method, and has made EDTA chelation therapy accessible to everyone.

The benefits of using Detoxamin are astounding:
More affordable. Detoxamin is 70% less than IV EDTA chelation. Every three Detoxamin is medically equal to approximately one IV EDTA chelation treatment.
More convenient. No more traveling to your doctor's office for the treatment. Simply take one Detoxamin right before bedtime and the EDTA slowly absorbs into your body while you sleep. Waking up to better health is a wonderful thing.

Safer. Detoxamin introduces 750mg of EDTA slowly into the bloodstream and soft tissues, exactly where you need it the most. The dosage does not put the biological burden on the liver and kidneys like IV EDTA chelation does, making it much easier on the body to drain the toxins.
Better EDTA assimilation. Detoxamin introduces less EDTA more frequently, rather than a higher dose less frequently. This provides better EDTA assimilation into the body. This aspect of Detoxamin is what excites doctors the most about the product, as IV chelation puts an unwanted strain on the body.

Medically equivalent to IV EDTA chelation. This is another huge aspect of why Detoxamin is so popular throughout the world. People for years have been frustrated with the inconvenient delivery of EDTA into the body. Now that this method is available, most people prefer it and in most cases the results are even better than with the IV method. For every three Detoxamin, you receive about the same dosage you would get in one IV treatment, but with a much safer and more convenient delivery method.

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