Sunday, November 19, 2006

Detoxamin Relieves Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma

In 1997, diagnostic procedures carried out by chelating physician Vladimir P. Shurlan, MD, of Cambridge, Massachusetts revealed that his new patient, Mrs. Anna Siemans, a 69-year-old Boston homemaker, was affected by numerous health problems.

She suffered from atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, hypothyroidism, multiple allergies, fungal infections, colon polyps, and osteoarthritis, What troubled Mrs. Siemans most however were two impairments of her eyesight macular degeneration of the left eye and glaucoma in the right.

Her vision loss of 25% caused Mrs. Siemans to be classified "legally blind" by the State of Massachusetts.

Before visiting Dr. Shurlan, the patient had been incorrectly treated for her eye problems with continuously elevated doses of Cipro®, an antibiotic. Dr. Shurlan, a former practicing ophthalmologist, states, "This Cipro® prescription made no sense, because she had almost no infection at all.

When I cultured her eyesockets for bacteria, moderate staphylococcus overgrowth appeared on the culture medium but hardly anything sufficient to warrant such antibiotic treatment. She merely possessed calcium in the left eye, and that was the source of her main difficulty, macular degeneration.

I determined that Mrs. Siemans would respond well to mild but steady chelation therapy for calcium removal, and one technique for such administration is by rectal suppository using Detoxamin.

This product is highly effective with a low cost and allows for convenient application by the patient, " Dr. Shurlan advises. "Well, the suppository worked well, by the end of three months of use her excess calcium had disappeared and my patient resumed reading and writing with no difficulty.

She could see well once again.
"Adding to my patient's Detoxamin rectal treatment, I prescribed a variety of nutrients as supplements to Ms. Siemans' food supply. She has steadily improved.

Recently when she went to show the local university ophthalmologist her vision improvements, he was absolutely flabbergasted," Dr. Shurlan affirms. "The specialist telephoned me and declared, "There's hardly ever any positive response with macular degeneration and glaucoma no matter what treatments are employed, so how did you accomplish that positive change?" I told this ophthalmologist about the rectally administered EDTA present in Detoxamin, and today he uses that same suppository as part of his eye treatment too.

"I have designed a protocol for eliminating macular degeneration and other eye problems which my local pharmacy compounds for people who request it, to apply on their own," says Dr. Vladimir Shurlan.

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