Friday, December 29, 2006

Rejuvenate your cells today with SOLITON LASERS

About Lasers:

Healing lasers are often termed low level lasers, cold lasers or soft lasers.

This defines them as lower powered or non cutting lasers. Lasers can be very powerful so it is important when purchasing a laser to find one that is effective yet is not too powerful.

Our Soliton Lasers combine the newest advancements in physics with well designed soft lasers. Cold laser therapy with Soliton Lasers stimulate glands throughout the body to produce optimal vitality and harmony. Glands are key in the rejuvenation process and work with the lymphatic system to bring the body back into balance.

Laser Benefits:
  • Pain Relief
  • Healing Injuries
  • Anti-aging
  • Weight Loss
  • Immune Enhancement
  • Organ Balancing
  • Glandular Rejuvenation
  • Lymph Activation
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Nerve Regeneration
  • Laser Acupuncture
  • Laser Facelift

How Lasers Work:
Lasers work on the principle of donating energy. This energy, often defined as joules of energy or photons, benefits the cell in numerous ways.

It has been found to enhance the electron spin of the cell, which helps the DNA and increases the mitochondrial output of ATP. ATP is the energy of the cell which stimulates cellular rejuvenation.

All of this laser physics translates to cellular rejuvenation. Injuries heal when energy reaches the site and stimulates cells to grow more cells.

The laser offers this energy in the form of photons which in turn brings more blood flow, more oxygen, more electrons and more lymph—all of this enhances the cells ability to rejuvenate. It is very similar to the effect of sunlight on growing vegetables. The sunlight brings photons which stimulates vegetables to grow more cells.

The laser is an effective way to enhance the cells ability to grow.


The laser wavelength or nanometer defines how far into the body the joules of energy or photons travel. It is important to have multiple laser wavelengths as there are multiple types of cells in the body and using multiple wavelengths reaches the numerous cells throughout the body.

As an example, there are different wavelengths for soft tissue, muscle and nerve cells. Fine tuning the specific nanometer of light brings energy more effectively to that particular cell.
The red lasers in the 600 nanometer range work very effectively for soft tissue, nerve, tendon, facial skin, energy meridians and much more. These wavelengths are very effective for cells on the outer part of the body.

Laser diodes in the 800 nanometer wavelengths are more effective for cells further in the body. These laser diodes are in the infra red spectrum which is barely visible and carries the photons further into the body. These laser diodes are very effective for bone, ligaments, cartilage, disc tissue, and teeth. They have also been found to be very beneficial for enhancing bone density.
The laser wavelengths define the spectrum or color of the laser diode and have the ability to carry energy to specific parts of the body.

A good laser uses multiple laser diodes to reach as many types of cells in the body as it can for stimulating cellular rejuvenation. When combined with the use of frequency, the effect can be fine tuned for addressing specific conditions in the body.


The frequency of a laser is introduced through the laser light. It is different than the laser wavelength. The frequency affects the cell in specific ways. For example, when using a laser on an injury, a frequency for enhancing cellular rejuvenation would be used. When dealing with stress, you would not want to use the same stimulating frequency—you would use the frequency for unwinding which is much more relaxing.

Our lasers come with unique programmed frequencies for injuries, pain relief, immune enhancement, unwinding stress, weight loss, facial rejuvenation, lymph activation, chakra balancing and much more. We also offer free trainings with the purchase of a laser.

Our training includes specific protocols for numerous conditions and a unique rejuvenation process for optimal health and well being.


Stimulating lasers work on the principle of donating energy or photons to the cell. These lasers often define the quality of their laser by the amount of energy or joules of output. While this is important, a well designed healing laser is not defined by power alone.

Resonating lasers combine multiple wavelengths, as discussed above, in order to cascade energy into the cell. This works on a unique principle called coherence which unwinds the stress from a condition and rejuvenates the cell ability to interact with the vast reservoir of cells that make up the human body.

A well designed laser has the ability to perform two important functions: stimulation and unwinding. Lasers should stimulate cells when necessary for injury repair, pain relief, facial rejuvenation, immune enhancement, etc. They should also resonate or unwind cells throughout the body for stress relief, anti-aging, glandular and hormonal balance.

There are many different types of lasers and many can be helpful. Our Soliton Lasers are designed to be versatile. We combine the best laser physics with state of the art Soliton technology to provide safe and effective lasers.
They are designed for professionals and lay people alike and can be used effectively for a wide spectrum of uses.

Whether you are looking for a laser for injury repair or are wanting to use it for laser facial rejuvenation, smoking cessation, acupuncture, immune enhancement, chakra healing, lymph rejuvenation or weight loss laser therapy, the Q1000 laser system is your best choice. We can say this because our lasers rejuvenate cells.

They are designed with multiple wavelengths, frequencies and soliton waves in order to effectively reach all of the different types of cells in the human body. This optimizes the bodies ability to rejuvenate. The body is the most powerful healer and when its cells and systems are unstressed and functioning well, it grows more cells more effectively.

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