Saturday, November 11, 2006

Detoxamin vs I.V. Chelation

Detoxamin is your solution to those expensive and invasive I.V. chelation treatments. Due to the high absorption of Detoxamin, it works as good, if not better than the I.V. method. So you can say goodbye to those expensive and time-consuming I.V. treatments.

Better for Patients, Better for Doctors We knew Detoxamin would be better than intravenous chelation therapy, both for patients and for doctors.

The reasons:

Less Expensive

Detoxamin therapy saves the patient approximately 70% over I.V. chelation therapy.

More Convenient

One box of Detoxamin is equal to ten intravenous treatments. No more need to schedule out 2-3 days per week over 2-3 months for in-clinic visits to your physician. We bring the clinic to you.

Less Time Consuming

Those in-clinic visits mentioned above for I.V. chelation usually run 3-4 hours each. Administration of the Detoxamin suppository takes no longer than taking a pill. One before bed and you're done.

Less Invasive

No needles. Need we say more?

The reasons making Detoxamin chelation therapy better for patients than I.V. therapy make Detoxamin therapy better for physicians to prescribe for patients.

Patients now have no reason to resist beginning, continuing, or maintaining the therapy, and doctors will no longer need to cover the overhead expenses required with I.V. chelation (staff, square footage, heating & air conditioning, chairs, televisions, books, I.V. stands, etc.; costs normally transferred to patients). Physicians are thus unlimited as to the number of patients s/he is able to treat.

Medically Equivalent to And Better Than I.V. ChelationNot only are the benefits of the modality better, the results are better as well. Here's why.

Three Suppositories Equals One I.V. Treatments

Save money, save time. More convenient, less invasive.

Less Metabolic Competition for the Active Ingredients

I.V. therapy is done during the day, when you're body is actively and constantly working and metabolizing. Detoxamin therapy occurs at night, when your body is at rest. Since your body is resting for a long period, there is more time for the EDTA to do its work in your body.

Better Assimilation of the Active Ingredients

Do you know anyone who takes their vitamins for the week all at once? No. Vitamins are taken daily for the body to use the nutrients most thoroughly. Through Detoxamin therapy, a lower dosage of EDTA is administered more often, allowing for better chelation results.

Additionally, because chelation occurs while you sleep and mineral supplementation is done during the day, your body assimilates the nutrients better than with I.V. therapy, where nutrients are distributed at the same time as the EDTA .

Less Possibility of Toxic Dosage

For years, many doctors have argued that I.V. chelation administers too much EDTA in one sitting. Even though EDTA is administered over 3-4 hours with I.V. chelation, patients leave the clinic having with 2-3 grams of EDTA in their system.

Each Detoxamin suppository contains 750 milligrams of EDTA (or 350 milligram in Detoxamin Mini); three suppositories, taken over three days, equal the normal I.V dosage.

Detoxamin is far safer to use and has less side effects. The usual array of side effects observed in intravenous infusions are absent when taken by rectal suppository.

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