Saturday, November 11, 2006

Benefits of toxic metal removal - with Alzheimer's and Autism testimonies

“I had seen ads for Detoxamin many times in professional journals and although interesting, I was never moved to place an order. It was a personally devastating event that finally got me off the fence and caused me to order.

Several months back, my best friend's dad was scheduled for "routine" bypass surgery. I had known this man for over thirty years and felt almost as if he was a father to me. He did not fare well with the surgery. The bypass procedure loosened arterial plaque causing multiple mini-strokes with dire consequences. It took more than three weeks for the man to regain partial consciousness and another three weeks before he could utter a few words.

Six months has elapsed. He is now bedridden, confined to a nursing home, a paraplegic for all intents and purposes and there is little hope that he will ever come home. MRI of the brain shows several cerebral infarcts.

It was this sad and unfortunate experience that finally caused me to try Detoxamin.

When one sees such a tragedy, one cannot help but ask the question, what would I do in such a situation? Of course, the answer is to never allow a similar situation to arise in the first place.

Time being of the essence, I decided to try chelation therapy with Detoxamin as a preventative and alternative to future bypass surgery, even though I have no symptoms of coronary artery disease at this time.

It was just after one week of using Detoxamin that I began to notice a definite but somewhat unspecific benefit from the product. I just felt better, my mind seemed sharper and I felt a lift in spirits. After two weeks I noticed specific results in the form of marked improvement of chronic bronchitis. Both my lungs and nasal passages were dramatically clearer.

After four weeks chronic muscle pain (fibromyalgia) was reduced by about eighty percent. In about eight weeks I noticed that my feet, which were always ice cold, began to feel warmer.

To the point that I now walk around my home bare-footed, something I've not been able to do for years.

With such astonishingly beneficial results, I decided to put those nearest and dearest to me on Detoxamin. My wife, my brother and his wife, my sister and her husband, my nephew and his wife and several good friends are now experiencing the benefits or Detoxamin. I am also recommending Detoxamin to my patients.

I do not want to suggest that Detoxamin is a panacea for every imaginable chronic health problem but, interestingly, it appears that each individual not only experiences a common benefit but also an individual benefit.

Perhaps this could be explained by the fact that different people may have been exposed to different types of heavy metals settling in different organs of the body, creating different and various symptoms.

Removal of heavy metals from these organs, then, could reduce a myriad of manifestations.

To me, there is no doubt that there are very few who would not benefit from the removal of heavy metals from their bodies with Detoxamin.
The Detoxamin product is truly effective, modestly priced and very safe to use and as such, stands alone in the alternative health care arena.

Thank you for putting this wonderful product within the grasp of many people who otherwise would never have had chelation therapy available to them as an option.

Sincerely, Dr. Robert L. Meliodon, Huntingdon Valley, PA

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