Saturday, October 21, 2006


Attention Deficit Disorder
... about the various methods of treatment available for children with ADD/ADHD Originally $14.95 Buy now and save $5 Product Information: Media Type: ...
Buy $9.95 - iAmplify - 26 min - Aug 3, 2006 ( 2 ratings)

Promotional video for world renown health advocate, Basil Gold
... threatening diseases, such as cancer, AIDS, Osteoporosis, diabetes, ADD, ADHD, ALS, arthritis, and even allergies, asthmas, and the common cold. Learn ...
Emerald Visions, Corp. - 21 min - Jan 30, 2005 ( 4 ratings)

ADD Fast Eddy
think of a ADHD beer drinking, redneck who likes to yell out SPiCY while he jumps...yeah gotta love it
DIzzy Pro - 5 sec - Feb 12, 2006

Chibese Herbal Medicine- Happy Mood
... talk about Happy Mood. HAppy Mood for depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADD/ADHD.We have three office locations: Ithaca, Vestal, Fairport, New York State. ...
30 sec - Sep 7, 2006

Chibese Herbal Medicine- The Beauty of Chinese Medicine
... talk about Happy Mood. Happy Mood for depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADD/ADHD. Baby Boom for infertility. Sinus Care for allergy. We have three office ...
30 sec - Sep 7, 2006

Dr. Boyd Haley on Mercury toxicity & Autism: Part 1
Dr. Boyd Haley is a professor and chair of the chemistry department at the University of Kentucky. In this interview, Dr. Haley discusses mercury toxicity ...
F.A.I.R. Autism Media - 6 min - Feb 27, 2006 ( 19 ratings)

Keeping Kids Healthy: How to Cope with ADHD
How do you tell the difference between an ordinary rambunctious kid and one who has ADHD? And what do you do about it? If your child seems very hyperactive ...
Montefiore Medical Center in Association with WNET - 27 min - Sep 16, 2006 ( 5 ratings)

Medical Breakthroughs: Diet Makes an Impact on ADHD
... a daily dose of drugs. But drugs are all many parents of kids with ADD or ADHD are left with. That has many looking to alternative ways to help their ...
Buy $1.49 - Day-Pass $0.99 - Medical Breakthroughs Reported by - 2 min - Jul 4, 2005

8 min - Jun 4, 2006

Teaching With Tae Kwon Do
... of these children have ADD, ADHD.” The classes stress respect ...
United Methodist TV - 2 min - Jun 9, 2006 ( 11

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