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The 'New Hope' Autism Protocol

This 'New Hope Protocol' is not intended as medical advice. Its intention is solely informational and educational. Because of the potential for side effects and interactions with medications, dietary supplements should be taken only under the supervision of a knowledgeable healthcare provider.

This protocol represents the clinical experiences, case studies and success stories of many health care professional who are at the frontline in dealing with Autism, ADD, and ADHD.

We believe that this protocol is superior to the DAN protocol, developed by the Autism Research Institute. What is similar is the focus on detoxification. The differences are that the tests are not overemphasized, and the key product used for detoxification (mercury and other toxin removal) is the sublingual PCA-Rx instead of the DAN promoted DMSA and DMPS.

PCA-Rx seems to be better for many reasons. Read about it at http://www.oradix.com/.

During the last several years, there has been growing clinical and scientific evidence that most children with Autism, ADD and ADHD suffer from mercury/metal toxicity. If you want to 'cut the corners' and find that the whole protocol is too much for you, than focus on giving adequate amount of fish oil (omega-3) and PCA-Rx for about 4 moths (4 bottles), 4 sprays in the morning and 4 sprays in the evening. Its most likely that you would reap the majority of the benefits from these two products and simple protocol. (Recently, an Australian and a UK study claimed that fish oil is more effective than Ritalin.)

Suggested Tests:

There are several tests that could be considered to confirm Autism, ADD, or ADHD but some of them require blood samples (too invasive) and non of the tests give a 100% confirmation for one specific disease. Provocation tests are probably the most conclusive methods to test for mercury or other toxins.

However, we know many cases of Autistic or ADD labeled kids who didn't respond even to the provocation tests, probably due to the severly compromised detoxification pathways. Often Autistic kids don't excrete toxins for up to a week after the start of detoxification (chelation) and then large amount of toxins are leaving the body for weeks and months.

This delayed effect is often not widely known among doctors, sometimes resulting in misdiagnosis!!! But no matter how many tests you do, we believe that time, energy and funds should be all concentrated towards getting the toxins out of the body since the removal of toxins has far the greatest promise for marked improvements or total healing!

When you have a splinter under your skin, you don't insist on spending hundreds of dollars up front just to measure the length and width of the splinter but rather you get it out first and measure it later.

We advocate a similar approach with the tests and toxic removal since the high toxic load in these children were consistently confirmed. You may do a Hair Mineral (&Toxic) Analysis for establishing a baseline before the start of the detoxification.

A second Hair Test could be done once the detoxification is going on for at least five to six weeks (typically the Hair Test measures the last month's mineral and toxic load in the systemic circulation as they are deposited into the growing hair) could give a positive confirmation about the type and amount of toxins leaving the body.

Suggested Lifestyle Changes:

Reduce stress as much as possible when you detoxify.

Eliminate, all chemicals, all processed foods, all food additives, artificial sweeteners, canola oil, heat processed oils or fats, food coloring agents, MSG, from children's diets. Use coconut oil for cooking or extra virgin olive oil for salads.

Children should be off of all prescription medications, antibiotics, or drugs of any kind.

EPA's (omega 3 fish oil) should consist of fish oil from small fish, tested for toxins, or cold processed artic cod liver oil.

Purified water only. Absolutely no tap water.

Children's diet should consist of as much organic, natural, chemical free, raw or low temperature cooked vegetables as possible. Living green foods alkalize the body.The diet should be simple and completely gluten, casein and peanut free (and preferably sugar free). Typical staples are rice, chicken, vegetables and some fruits, all organic, if possible.

Protein sources should be organic, chemical, hormone, and antibiotic free. A very clean goat whey protein isolate or concentrate or (organic) rice protein can be substituted as protein source. Avoid cow milk or cow whey protein if possible and prefer goat products.

For restructuring of the gut flora and re-bacterialization, use raw non-pasteurized, butter, cheese, yogurt, and raw colostrums. Commercially available products include Probiotics-Rx, and biologically active non-heat processed probiotics. Commercial probiotics should be added to raw yogurt for microbial activation.Regular exercising, preferably every day, is suggested for better lymph circulation and detoxification.

Suggested Products:
There are no chemicals or drugs used in any of the suggested products. As with any protocol, each patient deserves individual attention. Dosing may be increased or decreased. As with any detoxification, the patient may experience some mild side effects at the beginning.

These may include fatigue, constipation or headache (encourage lots of pure water). Increase fiber, probiotics and water intake if the patient is constipated. Cut down on the dosing and gradually build back up to the suggested dosage while these symptoms are present.In the first phase, improve the bowel functions and elimination. Maintain regularity. Use probiotics.

Reduce/eliminate yeast infection (see below). Prepare the liver, kidneys and lymph for toxic elimination by giving a high quality multivitamin/multimineral, greens, Detox Kit from Heel (a homeopathic preparation supporting the liver, kidneys and lymph system), Milk Thistle, and B vitmin complex. In the second phase, use chelation (or chaltration) to reduce the toxic heavy metal load. Support glutathione levels with its precursor (cyctine), and betain (trymethilglicyne). Consider using Ginkgo Biloba for increased circulation.

In the third phase, support cellular regeneration and neurodevelopment by meeting the brain’s nutrient requirements (SAMe, AFX, Neuro PS™-Phosphatidylserine, etc.). The PCA-Rx is suggested to help detoxify the body of any and all toxins. This is accomplished very safely and effectively through the unique patent-pending process known as clathration (a form of chelation). The PCA-Rx encapsulates the toxins from the blood, lymphatic fluid and the brain’s cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in an irreversible bond, thereby making a clean sweep of the entire body.

PCA-Rx should be administered in the morning and evening starting with a low dose of 1 (in the morning) or 2 sprays per day, slowly working up over days and weeks (increase dose every few days) to 8 sprays per day (4 in the morning and 4 in the evening).

As toxins and non-conductive metals are removed from receptor sites, neural activity will increase (hyperactivity). Thus, slowly increase dosing as the child's motor activity develops. The PCA-Rx should be used for 3 to 4 months consecutively.

Exposure to Vaccines
In children exposed to MMR vaccine prior to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnoses, or if active virus is suspected, AV-Rx should be administered (in addition to PCA-Rx) at 4 sprays 1-2 times per day or as tolerated by the child.

Candiada - Yeast
In the event of Candida or yeast proliferation due to the removal of poisons and heavy metals, BioGuard should be administered at 8 sprays twice at 8 sprays twice daily for 10 days together with the Probiotics-Rx at 3 capsules twice daily for about 10 days or until condition is controlled. BioGuard, together with Probiotics-RX and PCA-Rx, should be able to eliminate Candida from the bloodstream. When you detox mercury in particular, Candida often flares up! In the event of yeast forms living outside of the body, BioGuard can be administered topically (on the skin).

AF-X addresses cellular regeneration and all aspects of Autism Spectrum/ADD/ADHD/RS or other neural developmental disorders. AF-X should be administered at least 15 minutes away from PCA-RX. Start right out at 8 sprays once daily in the morning (or splitting into 4 sprays in the morning and 4 in the evening). In the event of hyperactivity, reduce dose.

It’s important to support the process of detoxification with B-vitamin complex, Betain (trymethilglicyne). All of these compounds function as “methyl donors.” They carry and donate methyl molecules to facilitate necessary chemical processes, including detoxification.

The donation of methyl groups by betaine is important to proper liver function, cellular replication, and detoxification reactions. (Reference: Association of MTHFR Gene Variants with Autism, Marvin Boris, M.D.; Allan Goldblatt, P.A.; Joseph Galanko, Ph.D.; S. Jill James, Ph.D., Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Vol.9, No.3, Fall, 2004).

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