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Testimonies - The Road Back - One Family with Three Autistic Children

Dear Maxam,
With three autistic boys, ages two, four and seven, you can only imagine how challenging it is to find the time to write. Your products have so dramatically affected their health, as well as mine, that I felt inwardly moved to put pen to paper so that our story would be documented.

My blood type is Rh-negative and my husband's is Rh-positive. During all three pregnancies, my doctor administered RhoGam, a vaccine given to Rh-negative mothers, which I now know to be loaded with thimerosal. It was given to me five times total, once each with my oldest and youngest boys, and three times with my middle son who was diagnosed as high functioning autistic. I later discovered that mercury was also present in my breast milk.

My seven year old son, Garrett, seemed normal and healthy at birth. He was later diagnosed as classic ADHD. His behavior was impulsive, he got into fights at school, he demanded attention, and was uncontrollable at home. In addition, he is diagnosed as Celiac and can't tolerate any gluten foods. He also had sleep disturbances, bed wetting, tinnitus and his eyes didn't focus properly. At other times though, he is incredibly clever, intuitive and sensitive. He is a gifted reader and does well on the computer.

Owen, my four year old, is more notably autistic. He was my most troubled pregnancy and his blood type is Rh-negative, the same as mine. When he was born, his body temperature wasn't regulating and he wouldn't nurse for 48 hours. Owen didn't want to be held or massaged. He was jaundiced by the end of his first week. He also had communication difficulties.

Colin is two years old and was born 20 months after Owen. He was always getting sick with ear infections, sinusitis, pneumonia, vomiting, had at least six bleeding, runny stools per day and had a speech delay. He also has quite a list of food allergies, as well as being IGG (immune) deficient.

All three boys had an under active thyroid and two were Celiac (gluten-intolerant). All three have received their childhood vaccinations. Any activity, even simple ones like bathing, triggered meltdowns. I sought out nutritional therapies and spent $15,000 last year just on supplements. We each ingested approximately 35 pills and capsules everyday. I later realized that our bodies had become toxic from all the supplements. Our diet has to be very simple and completely gluten-free and casein-free.

Our staples are rice, chicken, vegetables and some fruits. There's no room for deviation or we will all have severe reactions.

The true blessing came when I discovered the Maxam formulas. These products are the only ones that my boys don't react to. They started on several of the formulas in October of 2004. The changes in our family during this past year are nothing short of a miracle! The boys have experienced a healthy weight gain and muscle tone as their bodies have come back into balance. They never get sick any more and their bowel movements have normalized. Their autistic symptoms are virtually non-existent.

Garrett, my oldest, has been tested by a psychiatrist and has an IQ of 130. My middle son, Owen, is still a tiny bit delayed, but is talking now and has an amazing way of processing information. He's become very social and has learned to ride a bike and recite our phone number. He is now potty trained and has asked to wear "big boy underpants!" Colin, my youngest, is like an electrical engineer. At 2 1/2, he's fascinated with electronics and appliances.
My deepest, heartfelt gratitude to everyone at Maxam for giving us "normalcy" in our lives. For our family, that is a precious gift!

The primary Maxam products taken were BioGuard, Probiotics-Rx, AF-X, PC3x, PCA-Rx and NG-Rx with the later additions of AV-Rx, B-Max, Dia-Cal, PCM-Rx and TRP.
Annie R. Jacksonville, FL

'Gettin It Right In California
We are the parents of a four year old boy, Alex, who was diagnosed with high functioning autism.

The only foods he would eat consisted of brown, crunchy processed foods, french fries and pancakes.

Alex cound not speak well and had a hard time interacting with other children and processing information. Transition was very hard for him and he only liked being inside the house playing with the computer or video games.

But now, thanks to AF-X and PCA-Rx, Alex, to our amazement, is eating grilled chicken, spinach, salmon and many other foods. It is almost as if he woke up and is discovering food for the first time. He interacts with others and loves to play outdoors.

We have been using the PCA-Rx and AF-X for a couple of months now but I saw the change within a couple of weeks. I didn't tell anybody that I was giving Alex these products, and everybody has been telling me how great he is doing, including his teachers.
Thank you so much. I just want to shout out to the world to try these products. They will change your life and the lives of the people you love.Thank You, Thank You
Emily M & FamilyWeed, California

Danny's Mom Is Convinced !!
I have a 2 1/2 year old son who was diagnosed with PDD several months ago. I have him on several different supplements which have all shown minimal benefit. It wasn't until I came across PCA-Rx and NG-Rx that I really saw results by leaps and bounds!

I had been contemplating chelation therapy for a while but was very reluctant to do so because of the potential side effects, plus, I really did not feel it would make much sense to pump my son with MORE drugs. I then was on the generationsrescue website to see if they had any suggestions and that is where I came across PCA-RX. After reading all about it and how safe and effective it was, I decided I absolutely HAD to try this. It was exactly what I was looking for!

My son has been on PCA-Rx for approximately a month now and I saw a change in his mood within days of beginning this product. He didn't seem as irritable as he usually was. Then I decided to try NG-RX since it seemed that lots of parents use both products hand-in-hand. WELL, NG-RX is nothing short of a miracle in my eyes! I ordered the product and had it overnited because I just could not wait to start it, and I received it on Friday mid-morning.

I immediately gave my son two sprays and by that night I saw a HUGE difference in him.
We went to my mother-in-law's house for a visit that evening and we brought my son to the next door neighbor's house because she has a few young children to play with. I could not believe how social my son was. Pre-NG-RX...he would be very aggressive with other children, have very limited interaction, and really kind of go off on his own more than seek to play with others. This time though, he was running around with her children laughing, taking turns going up and down the slide.

What blew me away the most was all the children were sitting down having ice pops and my son has NEVER been interested in them but this time, he wanted what the other children had. The little girl took him by the hand and asked him to sit down with her and gave him an ice pop and he did it!!! This was a HUGE step. I literally could not believe my eyes.

It has now been just over two weeks since he started NG-Rx and is now on eight sprays a day. His language has EXPLODED and he's saying so much more now. Every day he is trying new words. His aggression is virtually non-existent, at least no more than that of an average two year old. He is transitioning almost practically normal now and is just a happier child.

His ABA therapist even said, "In 15 years of working in this field, I have NEVER seen a child progress this quickly.” That is when I knew this stuff is truly a godsend! I have no intention of EVER taking him off of this spray.

Thank you so much Maxam for helping my little boy and for making him a much happier, normal child again!!
Danny's mom

We're Happy In Texas
On November 11, 2003, we began treating our daughter, Juliann, with PC3x and AF-X. We went through two regimens of this, and then followed with two regimens of PCA-Rx and NG-Rx. The four regimens were administered over a period of six months. The following is a list of symptoms and behaviors my daughter showed and exhibited prior to the Rx product treatment:

Lack of eye contact
Lack of social engagement
Lack of appropriate play
Little to no verbal language
Erratic sleeping patterns
No writing ability outside of scribbling
Frequent outbursts during school
Violence toward others, especially teachers
Poor eating habits (crunchy, brown carbohydrates, candy)
Opposed to change in routine/environment
Sensitivity to certain noises/music

By Christmas of 2003, we were already seeing changes for the better. Her eye contact improved and she began following verbal commands. Her teachers continued to report overall improvements on a weekly basis, beginning with her attention and behavior. Her sleeping patterns consistently improved, and her language began to improve as well.

On Mother's Day of 2004, about six months after starting her Rx treatment, Juliann's great-grandmother watched her write her name without being prompted by anyone! Imagine our surprise to see her do this! When we told her teachers what she had done, they told us that they had been trying to get Juliann to write her name, but had been unsuccessful. Later that day she wrote her name again, this time being prompted by her teachers. It was as if someone had flipped the light switch on.

Today, Juliann is 7 years old, and has continued to improve. She speaks to us in short phrases when she wants something, and now role-plays with stuffed animals and dolls - how appropriate! She can write her name fairly well, and follows verbal commands when given, nine out of ten times. She can dress herself, sings her ABC's, and can withstand a change in environment or routine as well as any other child her age. Most importantly, she sleeps through the night, and eats almost anything. We no longer have to make a special meal for her, in addition to what the rest of the family is eating.

I have told all of my family and my friends of the success we have experienced with the Maxam Rx products, and many gasp for air when I tell them of the cost. Speaking as a parent to other parents out there who question whether or not these products are worth the cost, I will always answer with a sound and confident 'yes'. No price is too high to rescue my little girl from the dungeon of heavy metal toxicity many call Autism. Thank you, Maxam, for your innovation, your courage, and your out-of-the-box thinking.
Brian & Bianca, Houston , Tx

Shannon 's Story
Thank you for all of your help with Mom's and my queries. It is always a pleasure!!
Our daughter was born on May 7, 2001. She had a complicated birth where she was born unresponsive and not breathing. A neonatal specialist revived her and intubated her and she was admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for seven days. On day seven, we were ecstatic to bring home our daughter who was delightful, loving and so aware of her world.
Everything went well until we took her to her 8th month checkup.

I had been spacing out her vaccinations as a personal choice from research I had done on the subject. At that 8th month visit, she received three vaccinations. Even though I was extremely reluctant, (it's called Mother's intuition), I was assured by her former pediatrician that it was safe and that I would be negligent if I didn't catch her up on her program.

For 24 hours thereafter, she experienced a low-grade fever and she cried unconsolably all night. We noticed that she stopped babbling and imitating speech sounds. She began rocking on all fours on the floor and banging her head in her high chair. We were extremely concerned, so we had her evaluated and she was diagnosed with Autism.

Her new pediatrician, Dr. Mary Megson, specializes in the treatment of Autistic children. She started her on a supplementation program and cod liver oil. My Mom, Grace Macauley, an N.D. in Fredericksburg , VA. , had already started her on a gluten, casein and peanut free diet. We also bought organic meats, eggs and produce for everyone in our household to eat. We noticed some improvement but we still had a long way to go in her recovery.

My Mom discovered and started her on a natural chelation product that was made from chlorella and cilantro to chelate heavy metals from her system. She was on that product as well as a foot cream for well over a year with mediocre results.

It was one defining moment when we saw your advertisement for PCA-Rx that turned our world around. Shannon started on the PC3x for two months and then on the PCA-RX for one month. We sent in a urine sample for testing and the results came back that she was excreting 2 1/2 times the normal level of mercury!! Not one of the other products she had taken was even touching the mercury!! We were absolutely amazed as was our pediatrician!!

Shannon started to really make changes. Her vocabulary was increasing daily by leaps and bounds. One afternoon she looked me right in the eyes and told me that she was happy and that she loved me for the very first time!! At her latest appointment with Dr. Megson, the diagnosis was lifted and she can no longer be labeled as Autistic!! We are proud to share that she will soon be going to regular pre-school!!

If it weren't for us seeing that one advertisement of yours, we might have never known of your products!! Boy, are we glad that we did!! Your products are a MIRACLE and I am sharing that with everyone that I meet!! There is no limit to my happiness and willingness to share your product information.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping our family, "get our daughter back!!"
Mary M.

Good News In Washington D.C.
Dear Maxam Labs,
I ordered two products, PCA-Rx and PC3x, to help remove heavy metals. I also decided to try the PCA-Rx on my 2 year old whom I believe is Autistic.
At 2 1/2, Miriam is very unresponsive and has about a one word vocabulary and usually points to what she wants and takes very long naps of 4-6 hours.

My order arrived on Feb. 17, 2005. I gave Miriam two sprays of PCA-Rx and noticed a difference the SAME DAY!

Miriam was much happier the next day and was attempting new words. I have been giving her two sprays a day for three weeks now. She is MUCH more verbal, saying many more words, trying to sing, more outgoing, and sleeps a lot less. Naps are now 2-3 hours, and best of all, she no longer points. I am really amazed at all of her progress in just 3 weeks. I plan to add NG-Rx to her regiment.

Thank you, Christy, for all of your help and information on the ASN/Maxamlab products. I can tell you how pleased I am and the truly lasting positive effects I'm seeing with Miriam.
Yours Truly,A.L. in Washington , DC

Family - And Friends See Strong Results

Dear Julie And Maxam Labs,
My two children and I are both taking a variety of Maxam Products. As are three of my friends and their children or just their children. We have all seen amazing results. Let me share some more details.

In our family, we have been taking Maxam Products since mid-Oct. My 6 yr old Autistic daughter is taking PCA-Rx, Bioguard, Probiotics-Rx & AF-X. We saw notable progress, but it wasn't until she began the AF-X that the WOW! factor came out. I didn't tell her school, therapists or neighbors about it. Since we began taking these, I have had amazing reports almost daily from school. She has gone from saying a handful of words when asked to do so, to talking spontaneously. Clarity came with existing words. She has verbally expressed and vocalized her wants and so many new words, that I've lost track counting. She has been able to put up to two to four words together at a time.

She is raising her hand asking to lead the group in calendar/circle time. She is doing more age appropriate things. Her acquisition of skills is growing quickly. There are just so many things, I could go on.

The one last thing I want to note is with our children there are two types of progress to be noted (1) acquiring new skills/lang/etc (2) elimination of bad habits and behaviors.....and I have to say, we have seen a lot of progress in this area too. Her OCD, temper tantrums, melt downs, aggression and more has significantly been reduced. I am just thrilled with the progress we have seen.

There are a few side effects we have seen but will summarize them in just a minute.

My son, who is 5 yrs old, has had JRA (juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) since he was 2 1/2 years old. He temporarily lost his ability to walk. We have been through a lot with him as well. While we have been able to help him to lead a pretty typical life, he has suffered from arthritis problems. 3-5 mornings a week he would have a hard time getting out of bed and getting started. He also struggled at times with participating in P.E., sports and just playing. He is on Cellaflex, PCA-Rx, Probiotics-Rx, Bioguard and AF-X.

Since being on these products, he has lost a lot of his arthritis pain and can function normally. We have had a few times when he didn't get the Celleflex and the pain came back. I have also seen improved behaviors with him.
I personally don't have a diagnosis, but have the brain fog, chronic sinus infections and I’m exhausted all of the time. Since I've been on Maxam’s products, I have more energy and have been healthier and I have clearer thinking. So what were the negatives?

Well, what we've seen, is you have to go slow and drink a ton of water to flush these things out of your system. We made the mistake of not doing that and saw constipation and I actually developed a cyst in a node in my groin that I saw a doctor for, but by continuing on the products, it was "flushed" out. There were some sore throats and flu like symptoms, but that's about it. I have found Maxam to be amazingly supportive. The products are expensive, but for us, they have been well worth it.

One of my friends began the week before us with herself and 3 kids (all on the spectrum). They are on their own variation of the products and have seen wonderful things as well. The down side to what they saw were some fevers and some flu like symptoms; due to the eradication of the fevers using the AV-Rx.

My other two friends started about 3 weeks to 1 month ago and are seeing great strides in their children as well.

All of our children are as different as different can be, but the bottom line is, we ALL saw significant progress. Can I explain the science behind it? Not really. I too, am just a mom trying to help my children and want to share our experience with the hopes that it can help someone else. There is something valuable in these products.
Michelle P

Beamer's Progress
Hi Julie
It has now been just over 2 months since Beamer started taking AF-X and PCA-Rx.
I have to say when the spray first arrived, and I read I had to spray it under his tongue and have him hold it in his mouth for 2 minutes, I almost cried.

To be so close to something that I believed might help him and not be able to give it to him, was beyond belief. I quickly called your 1-800 number and pleaded for help. How was I going to get an autistic child who was not even 2 yet to co-operate with this method of administration.

I was very relieved to be assured that this was not a worry. As long as I could get the spray in his mouth, that was all I had to do.
Everything I believed would happen has happened. Beamer is a completely different little boy. Before the spray he had no words at all. I had taught him sign language to try and ease his frustration. This was working well, but speech was our goal.

He no longer grits his teeth and grunts. He actually talks, and I mean understandable words. He is not just mirroring our actions, he knows what the words mean, and uses them appropriately.

After about 2 weeks of using the spray the words started. I awoke one morning hearing him call mama over his monitor. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was Beamer calling me. How my heart soared, he knew who I was and he called me. I had a name.

From this point on more and more words followed. I had been using Baby Bumblebee video's with him, and now he lets us know that he has learned everything on them. He knows his whole alphabet, and can say each letter. He knows his colors, he knows his numbers to 12.

Speech was our big goal, but we have seen so many improvements, since starting with the AF-X and PCA-Rx. He plays pretend now. We love to watch him playing with his little plastic Pooh, Tigger and the whole gang and giving Pooh rides on Eyore's back.

He plays with all his little farm animals and makes all the sounds they make. Now when he watches his video's, you see the understanding in his smile's and laughs at the appropriate times I might add.
He no longer only eats round, brown, foods. He is willing to try more and different foods. He even tried celery.

Every day he says many new words. This morning he was playing with his Pooh figurines, and ask for Poohs house. It came so easy to him, he just looked up and said house please. He was playing with Playdough this morning and he and Papa made some balls. He dropped one and couldn't find it, he kept looking and then shouted there it is as plain as could be.

He takes directions now. You can tell him to look behind and he does. If you say it is under the chair he will look for it. If you ask him to get something from another room, he runs off and gets what you have asked for. The other day after watching Beauty and the Beast, he initiated a game of the Beast chasing him. He ran through the house with his little Hot Wheels suitcase of cars, dragging behind him yelling beast, beast, and laughing.

He comes for hugs, for no reason at all. He will be playing and walk over and give us a hug around the legs, just to let us know he cares. I could go on and on, about the changes, but I think I have told you enough to get the message across that he is doing wonderful.

The other night when I tucked him in to bed, as I was leaving I said love you, as I always do, only this time he responded with a love you. I think that says it all. He knows who we are, he knows who he is, he feels emotions, not just anger, and frustration, but happiness and love.

To any one that has doubts if these products work, I say try them you have nothing to lose and a whole new world for your child to gain. I don't know how long he will have to keep using these sprays, but it really doesn't matter. Time is on our side now. We are winning. By the way Beamer is 2 now, and I don't think you could pick him out in a group of children as the one who has a problem.
Thanks for all your help
Heather W

Wonderful Update To 'Beamer's Progress
I just wanted to give you an update on Beamers progress.
He continues to take his AF-X and his PCA-Rx, and he keeps progressing in leaps and bounds.
We had testing done on him by a speech therapist, the test results were amazing. He is now in the 94th percentile group.

Translated that means that only 6% of children his age have a larger vocabulary. 50% is the average range. So his vocabulary is larger by 46% than most normal children. Not bad, considering he was completely non verbal in Sept., that is only 41/2 short months ago, unbelievable.

That is his spoken level, his comprehension level is much higher. He is putting 2 and 3 words together at a time. Not only can we understand him, but so can perfect strangers. Sometimes this leads to a few embarrassing moments, such as when he saw a man in the store with a white beard and he insisted it was Santa. Strangers often comment on just how chatty he is, we just smile and say yes he is, and we love it. His speech therapist,( who he only saw 3 times) feels there is nothing she can offer him, because he is progressing at such a rapid rate.

We have seen great improvements in other areas also. I can't remember when he had his last temper tantrum. We have just returned from a long trip to Florida . His first time since he was 6 months old in an airport and through security (which can be trying to the best of us)and a long flight.

We were prepared for some transition problems, but were very surprised when there were none. We encountered no problems in going from one hotel to another, he settled in with no adjustment problems at all. We had been very apprehensive about this trip, and were just blown away at how easy it was. It was like traveling with a seasoned traveler. He has come a long way from that little boy; it sometimes took us upwards of a half hour to get out of his room.

Since we have been home, we have looked at videos taken of him last summer. I don't think we realized how silent he was. It is quite heart wrenching to watch those videos and know that without the AF-X and the PCA-Rx; he would still be that silent lost little boy. It is with great joy that we move on to the recent video's and listen to him chatter, and watch him play and run from one animal to the next, at Disney's petting zoo, saying gentle, gentle, as he pets the animals. He loves to watch himself on the videos, and comes and asks for Beamer, and then tells you which he wants to see. We have many for him to pick from, all filled with his laughter, and chatty little voice.

The only sad note to all this progress is that we wish that there was some way of getting this information out to more people. It is upsetting to think that there are so many children out there suffering needlessly, because their parents don't know about these wonderful products. We will continue to tell everyone we meet about them. Because we know without them where Beamer would be, sitting silent, emotionless, and sad. How we celebrate every noisy, fun filled day we have with him now.
Thank you again
Heather W

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